Confidently create a month's worth of  dazzling social media content in just under an hour  

without having to hire a social media manager that would cost you THOUSANDS!!!

You know you should be pumping out consistent branded content on all your social media platforms but you have no clue where to begin. 

Does this sound familiar?
  • You always post every piece of content on all your platforms...         It’s never a good idea to use the same content, posted at the same time on every single social media platform you market on. Nope-no bueno.   But man! That one graphic or caption took you SOOOOO long to come up with, ya gotta make the most of it, right?!?! WRONG! Posting the same content over and over doesn’t do you any good! You must give people a REASON to follow you in more than one place! 
  • You post a ton of quotes. This isn’t worth your time EITHER. See, Facebook wants you to foster community and get engagement on a post in order to get it in front of more people. That is called organic reach and if you just post a bunch of quotes, you don’t get any engagement-the most someone will do with a quote is “like” it. And if you don’t get engagement, you don’t get SEEN. Now, quotes do have their place- they are low risk for your reader to click the "like" button, but they should be posted once in a while with a well written caption and a call to action at the end. 
  • You aren’t a graphic designer. I hear ya!! We all wear tons of hats in our businesses and honestly, that one seems so vast, many people never even try. But, the fact is, you have to use design in your social media posts-its part of the world we live in now! 
  • Content Creation in and of itself is SOOO overwhelming!!! Oh my gosh! Just the thought of it makes you want to pull an ostrich and put your head in the sand.  Buttttt, you don’t have any content of your own. Nothing that makes you an authority and NOTHING (nothing) that stops anyone’s scrolling to check you out. This is just a horrible situation!!! One of the major keys to online marketing for your business is to have branded content that people will recognize when they see your post run through their feed. They shouldn’t need to look at the name or profile to know who posted it. 
This concept of people stopping their scroll when they spot something they KNOW you wrote (withOUT even looking) is what builds brand recognition, brand awareness, and most importantly KLT or know, like, trust. We’ve all heard of it and man, it is SO freaking important. 

Can you imagine how it would feel to have a dazzling, scroll-stopping, trust-building social media presence withOUT the need to hire an expensive designer?! 
  • What if you never had to create a post from scratch again? 
  • What if you didn’t have any need to pay expensive Social Media Managers because YOU were empowered to manage your own presence? 
  • What if, in less than the time it would take to watch a movie, you were able to have a beautifully curated, informative feed?
  • WHAT IF you no longer got crickets from your audience when you post your latest offer?!?! That might be the biggest win of all- people will be STOKED to work with you because they will understand who you are and what you do and you LOOK good doing it! 

NONE of these are out of your reach any more. I created a membership that does all the hardest parts FOR you, so you can put your social media presence on autopilot. 

This is why I am so freaking excited to introduce you to...
Canva Template Membership
A monthly membership masterclass that puts your social media content creation on autopilot by combining social media caption prompts & custom-designed Canva Templates for every day of the month! This is the EASIEST Social Media Strategy available!!

The Canva Template Membership is the first of its kind that not only provides you with easy-to-use Canva Templates, but also the caption prompts that will take your social media accounts to the next level. 

These prompts are foolproof and designed to EASILY help you get more engagement on your personal accounts or your business pages on Facebook or Instagram! 

Canva Template Membership
When you add it all up, all these goodies come out to a value of over $400 a MONTH but you can enroll today and have it all for a special investment of just $27 per month!! 
( VALUED AT OVER $400 per MONTH!! )
   All orders are processed through a secure network.
Each month, you’ll learn how to take the current template pack from zero to hero and use your own brand elements to create an engaging social media presence! 

I’ll teach you exactly how to make super quick work of making an entire month’s worth of scroll-stopping proud-you-made-it social media content you can use on either Facebook or Instagram! 

You’ll STOP hating content creation - You’ll be so dang proud of what you were quickly and easily able to create, you’ll be showing them off everywhere!

Over the months that you stay in this program, your Canva skills will GROW exponentially and over time, this super quick and easy process will become QUICKER & EASIER! What?!?

What’s the result? An eye-catching, consistent social media presence for your business so that you can engage with your audience and grow your reach! It's a win-win!

Content Calendar
Your monthly content calendar is built in! No need to worry about missing a holiday. Each month’s template pack will have everything you need to post for the following month. 

Canva Templates
The Canva Templates are already designed and ready to go based on the needs of the caption prompt. 
All you have to do is drop in your own branding and voila, you are done! 
Quick & Easy Tutorials
The membership course area is chock full of super short tutorials on exactly how to use the templates-not random graphic design jargon. Each monthly template pack comes with a new tutorial specific to that month!

Canva Template Membership
When you add it all up, all these goodies come out to a value of over $400 a MONTH but you can enroll today and have it all for a special investment of just $27 per month!! 
( VALUED AT OVER $400 per MONTH!! )
   All orders are processed through a secure network.
Let's take a look at what's inside!
Let's take a look at
 what you get!

The super quick and easy system that will take you from zero to hero!

Each day of the month has a prompt or caption template in the notes inside of Canva: 
Here’s a picture of exactly what I mean. 

First, you’ll want to use that prompt right there in the notes 
to create exactly what you’ll say on your caption! 

As soon as you’ve created that super easy step, you’ll begin the design process- I did the hard part for ya so all you have to do is pop in your brand colors, your fonts, and your logos into the placeholders. 

Once you’ve done that (which only takes like 35 seconds, literally), you’ll change the wording based on the prompt. You may then need to drop in a picture, but I made that easy too by telling you EXACTLY what to search for in the Canva photo bar. 

Then bam, you are so done! Export that puppy and post it! Watch the engagement rolllllllll on in!!

I could give you the templates and the captions just as they are. 
They are truly fantastic and easy to DIY. 

But I wanted to take things a few steps further and offer 
a little extra hand holding because that's just the kinda gal I am! 

Here are all the stellar bonuses that come with your monthly membership:

Completed Example Graphics
$97 Value
For each and every single day, I offer an example graphic. 

So you get 30 templates and 30 complete graphics that are designed for my brand so you can see the real thing in action, right below your workspace to make it super duper easy to reference
Tons of Tutorials 
$97 Value
 There is a tutorial for every step you need along the way to make this method soooo much easier! 

Some days (that have some awesome fancy effects) get their own special tutorial as well. You are basically getting an entire Canva Masterclass while you build your own content
Workbooks, Planners, and eBooks $97
You’ll get a brand new bonus course every single month related to an awesome topic for your business! Topics will all be related to marketing your business and ways to make that easier on yourself! This will be self-study but I’m always around for questions! These workbooks and workshops are EASILY worth $97 each and you’ll get a new one every single month! 

Makena, thank you for these amazing templates. All the templates and tutorials you offer has really increased my engagement posts.
-Nancy Tue
Monthly Audits 
$77 Value
This is probably my personal favorite feature! Oh. My. Gosh! So, I believe the easiest way for people to learn is first to try! That is exactly what this bonus is designed to do ! Each month, 2 lucky members will be chosen live out of a hat. They will send me their month’s social media created from the templates I put my design skill spin on it, and you guys get to see behind my screen on how this all works!! This will be recorded live on Zoom so I can share my screen. The replay will also be posted so you can watch any past audits as well! YASSSS!!
A Facebook Group 
Ok, I know, I know, another Facebook group?! Honestly, though, they are my favorite part of any membership or online course I take! I love learning from the community and it is how I picked up most of my favorite tips! So yes! A Facebook group- it's super awesome in there, and everyone, mostly me, is ready to help you as much as I possibly can! We can all learn from each other and that is truly an incredible thing! 
Facebook Scheduling 
$67 Value
 I’m going to teach you, using a few different tools (some are free, some are paid) how to schedule your content so your social strategy is TRULY on autopilot!! Heck YESS! 

We will look into tools like HelloWoofy, CinchShare and Facebook's own Creator Studio! We can also explore other avenues as well!
Canva Template Membership
When you add it all up, all these goodies come out to a value of over $400 a MONTH but you can enroll today and have it all for a special investment of just $27 per month!! 
( VALUED AT OVER $400 per MONTH!! )
   All orders are processed through a secure network.
You're gonna love it.
I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in the Canva Template Membership. You are protected with my 100% risk-free no-questions-asked cancellation policy! You can cancel your membership at any time. No worries!! 

Meet Makena, 
Your New Canva Bestie!

Hey Hey! I’m Makena and just a few years ago, while running my direct sales clothing boutique, I had the BIGGEST issue getting my social media on point. Here’s the deal. I was the stylist, the CEO, the shipping department, the buyer, the accountant, and the head of marketing. I had no DARN time to be the social media manager too!! 

Raise your hand if you can FEEL that! We ALL wear too many hats in our businesses!! In addition to seeing that huge gaping hole in the market, I have also been working with private 1:1 clients for a while now, and every time we finish up a project, they have this unending need for a continuous flow of content- well this is my solution! I created this membership to help you create constant content without the constant overwhelm!!! 

The Canva Template Membership is PERFECT for you if you find yourself not only struggling with WHAT to post on social media, but HOW to post it so it actually has an effect on your audience. 

I want this membership to be an incredible value for you- read below to see if this is a good fit for you! 

  • Do you feel like you just CAN’T wear all the hats in your business anymore? 
  • Do you find yourself only posting pictures you took or worse, other people’s content? 
  • Do you think your instagram feed looks horrible? 
  • How often are you proud of an image you created? Never? (then you should def join!) 
  • Maybe you only post sales content? (Newsflash, that is NOT a good idea!)

The Canva Template Membership is an INCREDIBLE resource for anyone who feels like they just can’t wear all the hats in their business any longer…

Don’t let another year go by before you polish up your social media presence. 
Here’s why you need to get inside the Canva Template Membership today!!
Having a consistent brand across your social media platforms is SO important...
I really can’t stress that enough. You NEED people to recognize your content, your visuals, and your voice as soon as your posts appear in their feed (See what I mean in the image below): 

Once you start to build that recognition, then you build engagement. 
Once you’ve gained an engaging audience, you’ll notice that people find it 
so much easier to know you, like you, and trust you. 

At this point, you’ve become the authority on your topic or industry 
in their eyes and NOW you can build a healthy business. 
But, if your online presence is constantly disjointed, unappealing, 
and confusing-guess what?!? That is the impression you leave on your
 potential clients- and I don’t think that is what you want. 

Yes, they say “done is better than none at all”, but now you’ve been let in 
on the secret easy button to create exactly what I described above. 
Take this opportunity to up the ante on your online marketing skills and 
build your dream life and STOP RUNNING THE HAMSTER WHEEL. 
I am totally loving these beautiful templates, Makena 💗 I don't have to TRY to come up with ideas now!! The tutorials ROCK too!! Thank you 
-Nan George
You have questions-I have answers!! 
What are the benefits of joining a paid membership today?
As a member of the CTM, you get access to exclusive benefits like:

~Examples of exactly how the final template should look.

~Free Facebook Group for Support

~A complete hand-held walkthrough tutorial of how to customize your templates.

~Monthly Design Audits

~Monthly Workbooks and eBooks to help you take your online marketing to the next level! 

How does it work?
After joining the paid membership you will receive an email from me confirming your enrollment. 

It will guide you to your CTM members' area, where you can access all the templates and tutorials.

Additionally, you will get an email with access to my exclusive Facebook group enabling you to get feedback from me and other members.

Can I use the free version of Canva?
Yes! ALL templates can be used with the free version of Canva. 

However, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you get Canva Pro, because part of what I teach you to do is make good use of the Brand Kit feature where you can upload your own colors and fonts. 

This is a major piece of what makes the templates easy to use. Don’t worry, there is a link to a free trial inside the member’s area as well. 

How often will Makena be interacting with the community?
Great question! I am so stoked to have you in the group- I can’t wait to share everything I know about creating dazzling graphics that make your potential audience stop in their tracks.
I promise to be very active inside the community and I’ll regularly be hosting different short training sessions that I’ll record through loom to put in the group. I’m always happy to answer whatever questions I can inside the group, as well! 

Will I really be able to look better online?
 Of course you will! I make this so foolproof for you- you can’t mess it up! And if you happen to anyway, there’s a reset button. You just gotta let yourself be a little free, let the templates do their job! So SO so easy. 

I don’t know...I’ve purchased Canva templates before and I’m still not using them.

Look, typically when you buy Canva Templates, they are created to be generic. That’s great for people who know how to rework them to make them perfect. 

If you buy generic templates then try to create them AROUND the caption, it can look like a hot mess and you just resort to posting another quote. 

But, with CTM, you don’t have to worry about this anymore- these are designed around the caption already, words and everything, so you just drop in your own spice and brand colors and fonts and you are READY TO GO. That easy! 

The Biggest Question of All...
Will I really be able to save time?
The answer to this is HECK YEAH. If you guys have any idea how much time it takes to 

  • 1. ​Find a good caption prompt. 
  • ​2. Write the caption.
  • 3. Figure out the graphic layout. 
  • 4. Design the graphic.
  • 5. Schedule ​it into Instagram or Facebook.

With my method, all you have to do is:

  • 1. ​Edit the caption. 
  • ​2. Drop your brand colors and fonts into the template. 
  • 3. Export, Schedule, & Engage. 
  • That's it! You're done and you can move on to the parts of your business you actually enjoy!
Even as a designer, I would spend 5 or so hours a WEEK trying to get my social media strategy in place. Even I would get overwhelmed and frustrated trying to make content for my platforms. 

Now, you can get it done in just a few hours (though I am quite confident that after your first month or two, you can have it all complete for the month in less than an hour. WHATTT!

What’s Included in...
The Carlyle Creative
Canva Template Membership
Canva Templates
Each month, you'll receive a full set of Canva Templates, with the caption starters and prompts already built in! 
Built-In Captions
These captions are designed to help draw engagement out of your audience to help grow your reach organically! 
For every single template, right below it is a completed example so you have an idea to base your graphic off of!
Plus These BONUSES
I’ll also throw in these X BONUSES that makes this decision a no brainer. 
( VALUED AT over $400 in BONUSES! )
Valued At: $97
Each month, you'll also receive a workbook, planner, or eBook designed to help you level up your marketing game! These types of courses are typically sold on their own, but I wanted to throw them in as a BONUS for you so you can really get all the training you need in one single membership!
Monthly Audits
Valued At: $77
Every month, 2 lucky members will get their graphics audited by me! This means that you'll create your designs for the month, send them back to me, and I'll add a little extra flair and use my designer's eye to help take your designs to the next level. You'll have access to all past audits as well so you can learn the live action tips and tricks!
Facebook Group
Valued At: $67
This Facebook group is going to be a true treasure trove of information. No single mind can know everything so I love the idea of coming together to learn from the collective. We will also go into some more in- depth trainings here because they will be optional and you can pick and choose what works for you! 
Valued At: $97
Lastly, with this AHMAZing bonus, I'm going to teach you how and why you should be scheduling your content in advance. You'll learn how to do this with a few different softwares so you can choose the one suited best for you! 
Learning to batch create content for social media is an invaluable lesson and this really rounds out the membership.
These free bonuses work out to be nearly $400!!! 
If you're like, HECK YES! Let me in already! Keep reading...
 It's NOT worth $900 a MONTH to pay a social media manager AND a graphic designer  to create a consistent message across your social media platforms anymore! 

Now that you’ve found this crazy incredible EASY BUTTON 
you won’t need them!! 

( VALUED AT over $400 per MONTH! )
   All orders are processed through a secure network.
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